Is there a legit way to get Free Microsoft Points ?

Just like any other type of money, Microsoft Points are the currency on Xbox Live marketplace . With these points, you can purchase anything at the marketplace regardless of your credit card’s availability or worth. Even though these points make life easier for people who do not have credit cards to use at the market place, you purchase the points from a certified online retailer or straight from your console’s dashboard.

Microsoft Points
In bid to reward loyal customers, Microsoft, and sometimes third party players have offers and competitions that will let you win and redeem free Microsoft Points. Diligent customers and players can get the chance to win one of the many but highly competitive chances on offer upon making purchases at the market. It is however important to point out that this is normally rare and only happens to the very active in the platform.
Since Microsoft Points cost so much, it is quite hard to get somebody dishing out free and genuine points. Even though there are many adverts and websites claiming to dish out the points if you do something meager for them. The possibility of such promises holding is quite low unless it entails the involvement in a competition that collects the attention of a good number of people who in turn will contribute the money to purchase the prize for one person. Such giveaways do exist in fact and we will try to explain it.

There are two types of giveaways, on official Xbox live website or on third party blogs and sites that give away microsoft points. Good example would be on their microsoft points generator that is used for this purpose only , and you can download this generator at

Getting the Points on Official site
The simplest and most probable way to earning free Microsoft points lies in enrolling to the official reward site. After this, you can head over to the offers page and select an offer you feel you can fill the requirements to the end, fill up the form and sit back with hopes that it will credit. The reward system will let you request for Microsoft points with as low as 20$ (these will fetch you 1600 Microsoft points).
After earning your free Microsoft points, you open yourself to a whole world of free games, Xbox live Gold , Xbox controllers and free games with no strings attached whatsoever. Though earning free Xbox points is not easy, it is worth a try since it will let you save some extra bucks. The sooner you get started on a genuine quest to earning free Microsoft points the better. All free points are sent to you in an email form or in form of a genuine Microsoft Points Card resembling the one you will get when you do an actual points purchase from an online vendor.

How to get MS Points via Microsoft points Generator?

Microsoft points generator

Now i would advise you to choose giveaways over hacks any day in a week , and choose the popular and established giveaway website. One of these blogs that host free microsoft points giveaway is Giftcards Bay . If you are not familiar with it they host this kind contests for over a year. The main thing about it is that they are using msp generator which calculates entries and its not a hack program.


Working with Nintendo 3DS Emulators – Guide and Review

Nintendo 3DS

So far we noticed many emulator developers going after the Nintendo 3DS and trying to make a working emulators that will allow its users to play 3DS games on PC. And that is understandable because everyone saw how Nintendo DS Emulator became quite popular after it was released. These two consoles are also very similar in software , its just that 3DS Allows some features like stereoscopic 3D which was really hard to replicate. But most of gamers do not care about this and would just like to play these games on PC without 3d effect. While there are number of these emulators in development already, we will mention some of the most advanced ones and we will try to point out some facts about it.

How to Run 3DS games on PC with Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC

If you ever used DS emulators that are around for quire some time now , you will have some basic understanding of how it works, But there are slight differences. First of all , you will have to get the emulator itself and we recommend you to download 3ds emulator and after that you will be able to extract and run it. After that you can also update the BIOS files directly from the emu if it prompts you to do it. It is good to go ahead and update it since with each update there are numerous improvements regarding frame-rate and other features. With this particular emulator from you will be able to load plugins as well , which others do not have. These are really nice if you want to configure it further and increase FPS.

While testing it we tried several games and got nice results benchmarking it with Intel i7 and Nvidia 560 GTX , and most of the games were running at 70 fps which means that lower end machines will run it easily. Nintendo 3ds emulators will slowly evolve and soon you will be able to run over 90% of the games , and we we reckon that in few months it will run perfectly on most machines. But for now , here is a video tutorial of this one which is really good if you want to test out some of the games before the final version is released.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download & Tutorial from Patrick S. on Vimeo.

We are always looking for news about the latest emulators and since there are more interesting ones being developed we will try to post news about upcoming ps3 and Xbox 360 emulators.

Using Playstation Network Codes For Better Gaming Experience

There is nothing better then enjoying your favorite game on one of the best consoles ever made , Playstation 3. Sony has made sure that the console that is now a bit aged since they announced PS4 for the end of the year of for the beginning of 2014. But non the less PS3 is still very good console that is neck to neck with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 . What most gamers really love about these 2 consoles is that they offer them a way to play in multiplayer and buy games and other things via their respective services , called PlayStation Network , and for Xbox 360, its called Xbox Live. Both of them have similar features and Xbox live made the points system rather then using real money as currency , but Sony is still using the real life currency in their service.

Playstation Network

If you want to add credits to your your account you can deposit via credit card or you can buy Playstation network cards and redeem them on your account. But that is not the only way you can get these awesome codes. As you all know we try to find some tips and tricks for most of these services and we will do the same here and show you where you can get free psn codes . Most of the time if you are searching for such online giveaways you do not know how to use it or if it is legit. This one that we found is over a year old and one of the more respected sites that community loves. So here are some tips on how to get PSN cards for free and how to use this software or generator.

How to use PSN Code generator

PSN Code Generator

You might be confused a bit why they decided to use such software that resembles on some sort of hack , but it is not , they made it as a calculator tool for likes, tweets and stuff like that to see which member is most active , and you can download the database for each day which will count towards your entries and you can get psn cards after you submit that you want to join daily giveaway. Its certainly one of the best sources that we found. The trick is to gain as much entries before you download it and that way you will be able to receive much more codes then usually . But enough talk , you can join and download psn code generator at and you can even check out the latest version 2 of this generator  and read more about it here . And these 2 posts contain most of the information that you will need , its not hard really, you can get your psn codes as fast as the first day when you join . Here you can

Spotify Premium, Deezer and iTunes Reviews

One of the most popular markets that many companies are getting interested in is the music download and streaming. In the year of 2013 there are many of these services and in this post we will cover the most important ones according to some , and these are Spotify , iTunes, and Deezer. Of course , we like to add a bit of tutorials for free stuff to our posts and in this one we will add the guide on how to get free spotify premium code which is in our opinion the easiest one to get and gives so much in return . First, we would like to give you some insight in what these services are and what features they offer.


iTunes was the leader for many years but its domination is fading in the last few years when services like Spotify appeared. But since Apple is so widely popular the iTunes is still one of the most used providers for downloading , listening and streaming music and videos. The biggest advantage of it is that it can be integrated easily in all iOS devices but on the other hand there are many drawbacks , like not enough support for Android devices and when you would like to download your chosen songs or videos to your home PC or other device for offline use , you have to buy that song . They offer many ways to purchase the songs and one of the better solutions if you are not up for using a credit card is using iTunes gift cards , which can be purchased at any retail shop or vendor.


Deezer is also one of the younger competitors for this market and they are still mainly used in France , but started their campaigns in the United States , Canada and Eastern Europe. Its a great tool and offers you a way to make huge playlists and as they say you can get access to over 20 million songs .


Spotify is much younger then iTunes , and they started expanding to US market and worldwide just couple years ago . Before that they were mostly present in Scandinavian and Europe countries. While it offers similar features like the Apple in its iTunes , they allow you to listen music online for free , but the premium users also get the option to download these songs and play them offline later on their phones, PC, and tablet devices. There are many options that Spotify Premium account allows you to do , like get access to better quality music , make better playlists etc. There are many ways you can get this premium account , and of course one of them is purchasing it online on their website with credit card and it costs around 10-12 US dollars per month. The other option is using a premium Spotify code which is also available at many vendors , kiosks and retail shops.

Spotify Premium Code Generator

We promised earlier in this post we will now explain to you how you can get these premium codes for free.

If you are looking to get free Spotify codes then you will notice there are many giveaways running and many software being presented , but choosing the right one is never easy. We wanted to give you information about the best one and we found a tool called spotify premium code generator at EzHacks website where you can also download it.  We recently tested it and it was working very good , but you would have to wait for a while to get the codes since they have to be activated so have patience and you will get it. Here we will also add a video guide that one member made and it sums it up really good.

MyCheats.Net News Announces New Game Hacks And Cheats Updates As Of Aug 2nd 2014

For immediate distribution across all relevant networks.
Oldschool IRC version available at #mycheats, #psnhacks, #psncodes, #cochacks, #hackzrus, type ! in IRC channel to get the latest updates or contact admin to get full list of relevant new game hacks or request your own game hack (yeah, we do custom jobs as well)!

The world of gaming on iOS and Android is getting on with free games with in-game purchases where you need to have plenty of in game resources such as gems, gold, iron, coal/etc and many more to win in PvP encounters and get high up on the hall of fame. We created a big portion of new game cheat version patches that are created to flawlessly work on official game worlds, generate resources as you must have them and get you on the top of the top lists.

Best Clash of Clans Hack Download Page

The yesterday released Updated Clash of Clans Hack 2014 provides you the critical resources such as wood, gold and elixir. The fresh version of the safe hack tool has been really tested on live accounts to work on Supercell servers, has needed app updates and is able of adding to your account infinite resources, just when you need them. It got easy plug and play system for both iOS and
Android mobile devices. You can use it to build more powerful troops, offensive cities and take part in Clash of Clans Player vs Player wars without the fear of losing battles.

Hay Day Resource Hacks

The sun is up in the sky and the cows and sheep are getting more fat on the bones. We give to you the best undetected Hay Day hack on this fine occasion which will make you to farm with
pleasure and expand more to the maximum . The goal of the game is to create your own farm which needs in-game purchases. The hack can offer you to add to your account all the resources you want and more. It is made to be safe to use. We offer weekly updates for the hack tool which now gets a new stable version for players to download.

Dragon City

Dragon City is a very fun game set in the phantasy realms where players breed dragons and make and maintain their own dragon filled Jurassic Park. It’s a very fun filled adventure but to play with others, you need tons resources such as gold, gems and food. We have created a new Dragon City hack tool which in the end puts your enemies to rest. Feed your dragons with unlimited food, purchase new eggs with gold and progress as your heart desires. The new of our hack tool works for both iOS and Android devices.

2014 Boom Beach Resources Hack

Are you trying so hard to take down an enemy base and control their island? We finally have the answer you need to have. Our team of hackers has worked very hard to come up with a working Boom Beach hack that gets you the resources, gold and everything else that you need to power up your armies. The new cheat tool new release version is stable, creates resources with one mouse click and you can always keep visiting our website to get newer versions.

League of Angels Hack

We gladly break news that we have just now released for free download the our official, stable build of the working League of Angels hack. The hack will enable you to to boost up your hero and tame rare angels without problems cause you have unlimited gold, gems and diamonds at your fingertips to make use of. The hacking tool edition is very safe to use and you can download it now completely free of charge. We will be providing daily updates and patches to ensure you have winning in the League of Angels game without waiting time. Enjoy the game with our cheat and hack tool on all Android, iOS, WEB and Facebook as it has been optimized to work on most platforms.

About MyCheats.Net:
We are team of dedicated and experienced game and app hackers with ability to break down and hack any game you throw at us.

Our full working updated undetectable and free hack download list as of August 2nd, 2014 can be found here:

League Of Angels:
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Dragon City Hack:
Hay Day Hack:
Pree PSN Codes:
PSN Code Generator:
Free Riot Points Hack (League Of Legends):

If you would like us to hack your favorite game, please leave us a note at and we will come back to you!

Enjoy your free game and program hacks For latest updates always check out our site at! …And thank you guys and gals for all the support and feedback! :-)


Steam Controller: Developers Weigh In

Following Valve’s announcement of the Steam Controller last week, many people were left asking the same question: what will it feel like?

While IGN probably won’t get its hands on Valve’s first hardware for some time, we reached out to a few developers who have already been lucky enough to test out the prototype. It’s still early and the final controller hasn’t been finished (as Valve mentioned last week, these protoypes “have four buttons in place of the touch screen and require a USB cable”), but these early thoughts give us our first insight into exactly how Valve’s controller might change gaming moving forward.


Steam’s new Family Sharing system lets you both a borrower and a lender be

Moochers rejoice: Valve is bringing game lending back in a big way. The company announced today that a new Family Sharing feature is coming to Steam in the near future, and a thousand Steam users will begin beta testing the Family Sharing system in mid-September. Early adopters can volunteer for testing duties by joining Steam’s new Family Sharing Group.


Xbox Music Gets a Huge Design Overhaul Plus New iOS and Android Apps

When it launched last year, Xbox Music was trapped in a Microsoft-only ghetto. Starting today, Xbox Music will expand its reach to hundreds of millions of mobile users with Android and iOS apps. And that’s just a piece of the update it’s getting leading up to the new app for Xbox One. Here’s what to expect from the service on your computer, your phone, and the new console.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch hands-on (video)

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch handson video

Wrist watches, smart or otherwise, are simply not for everyone — there are more smartphone users in the world, many times over, than there will ever be smartwatch owners. Despite the limited market for such a device, however, Samsung‘s decided it’s time to join in on the fun. The Galaxy Gear, as we’ve known it to be called for a few weeks now, was hardly guarded with a level of secrecy that’s become standard for a flagship smartphone, but as the device is finally official — and expected to launch in more than 100 countries within weeks — just how does it perform? Find our take after the break.



All too often, gaming laptops have the problem of overstating just how “made for gamers” they are. With their neon lights, science fiction-like design elements, and brightly colored accents, it usually doesn’t take long to identify if a particular portable computer was made for gaming. MSI’s new GS70, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Sporting an ultra-slim build, a dark gray aluminum chasis, and lacking unnecessary LEDs, the company’s latest laptop is obviously designed with a more mature look in mind. It may not be quite as attractive as the Razer Blade line, but you definitely won’t feel ashamed when you pull out the GS70 public — that is, as long as you can find a bag big enough to fit the laptop and its giant 17.3-inch display.