Spotify Premium, Deezer and iTunes Reviews

One of the most popular markets that many companies are getting interested in is the music download and streaming. In the year of 2013 there are many of these services and in this post we will cover the most important ones according to some , and these are Spotify , iTunes, and Deezer. Of course , we like to add a bit of tutorials for free stuff to our posts and in this one we will add the guide on how to get free spotify premium code which is in our opinion the easiest one to get and gives so much in return . First, we would like to give you some insight in what these services are and what features they offer.


iTunes was the leader for many years but its domination is fading in the last few years when services like Spotify appeared. But since Apple is so widely popular the iTunes is still one of the most used providers for downloading , listening and streaming music and videos. The biggest advantage of it is that it can be integrated easily in all iOS devices but on the other hand there are many drawbacks , like not enough support for Android devices and when you would like to download your chosen songs or videos to your home PC or other device for offline use , you have to buy that song . They offer many ways to purchase the songs and one of the better solutions if you are not up for using a credit card is using iTunes gift cards , which can be purchased at any retail shop or vendor.


Deezer is also one of the younger competitors for this market and they are still mainly used in France , but started their campaigns in the United States , Canada and Eastern Europe. Its a great tool and offers you a way to make huge playlists and as they say you can get access to over 20 million songs .


Spotify is much younger then iTunes , and they started expanding to US market and worldwide just couple years ago . Before that they were mostly present in Scandinavian and Europe countries. While it offers similar features like the Apple in its iTunes , they allow you to listen music online for free , but the premium users also get the option to download these songs and play them offline later on their phones, PC, and tablet devices. There are many options that Spotify Premium account allows you to do , like get access to better quality music , make better playlists etc. There are many ways you can get this premium account , and of course one of them is purchasing it online on their website with credit card and it costs around 10-12 US dollars per month. The other option is using a premium Spotify code which is also available at many vendors , kiosks and retail shops.

Spotify Premium Code Generator

We promised earlier in this post we will now explain to you how you can get these premium codes for free.

If you are looking to get free Spotify codes then you will notice there are many giveaways running and many software being presented , but choosing the right one is never easy. We wanted to give you information about the best one and we found a tool called spotify premium code generator at EzHacks website where you can also download it.  We recently tested it and it was working very good , but you would have to wait for a while to get the codes since they have to be activated so have patience and you will get it. Here we will also add a video guide that one member made and it sums it up really good.

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