Working with Nintendo 3DS Emulators – Guide and Review

Nintendo 3DS

So far we noticed many emulator developers going after theĀ Nintendo 3DS and trying to make a working emulators that will allow its users to play 3DS games on PC. And that is understandable because everyone saw how Nintendo DS Emulator became quite popular after it was released. These two consoles are also very similar in software , its just that 3DS Allows some features like stereoscopic 3D which was really hard to replicate. But most of gamers do not care about this and would just like to play these games on PC without 3d effect. While there are number of these emulators in development already, we will mention some of the most advanced ones and we will try to point out some facts about it.

How to Run 3DS games on PC with Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC

If you ever used DS emulators that are around for quire some time now , you will have some basic understanding of how it works, But there are slight differences. First of all , you will have to get the emulator itself and we recommend you to download 3ds emulator and after that you will be able to extract and run it. After that you can also update the BIOS files directly from the emu if it prompts you to do it. It is good to go ahead and update it since with each update there are numerous improvements regarding frame-rate and other features. With this particular emulator from you will be able to load plugins as well , which others do not have. These are really nice if you want to configure it further and increase FPS.

While testing it we tried several games and got nice results benchmarking it with Intel i7 and Nvidia 560 GTX , and most of the games were running at 70 fps which means that lower end machines will run it easily. Nintendo 3ds emulators will slowly evolve and soon you will be able to run over 90% of the games , and we we reckon that in few months it will run perfectly on most machines. But for now , here is a video tutorial of this one which is really good if you want to test out some of the games before the final version is released.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download & Tutorial from Patrick S. on Vimeo.

We are always looking for news about the latest emulators and since there are more interesting ones being developed we will try to post news about upcoming ps3 and Xbox 360 emulators.

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